Experienced.  Passionate.  Trained in France.

Relax in the hands of Lili Hunt, Owner & Operator of Lili Beau Visage, a trained skin care specialist with over 35 years of experience in the industry.


About Lili

Her approach is to customize each treatment to the specific needs of your skin.  No treatment is the same because every person has a unique set of skin needs.  Lili is dedicated to long-term health of your skin and provides insights, advice and tips for treatments and products.  You will love the results.

Lili's trained hands are the ones doing all the treatments; you get the full benefit of a life-long professional.  She is dedicated to your happiness and true results.

Lili's passion has always been about skin and considers herself a permanent student.  She regularly seeks out new beauty and skin care classes and keeps up the best products and technology.  With this passion she dedicates her life to helping people have the healthiest skin possible in the long term.

At the start of her career began in an interesting way.  She was studying to become a plastic surgeon when she was inflicted with cystic acne in her early twenties and at that time there was no treatment for this awful disease so she took it upon herself to find a treatment on her own.  In doing this she left her studies as a plastic surgeon and began studying at the University of Skin and Special Methods of Body Care in Paris, France.  It was at this time during her studies, training intensively that she succeeded to cure herself and learned the different phases of what an acne candidate goes through.

After receiving her degree, Lili worked for a well known French cosmetic and skin care company called Orlane before coming to California to pursue her career as a skin care specialist.